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Wall Extraction

There are lots of people who have experienced cavity wall installations, who have observed no problems along with internal dampness or even wall tie deterioration, and have experienced increased amounts of comfort and reduce fuel bills.........

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Why Extract

Whenever cavity walls insulation very first began a number of decades back, a particular kind of foam had been used which gradually stops working through the years, releasing the toxic Urea-formaldehyde gasoline. If you've got this kind of insulation.

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If you are experiencing any cavity wall problems, there might be a problem with your insulation. Cav Extract UK are happy to assess this for you at your convenience. For an assessment of your building please don't hesitate to contact us.....

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With our specialist extraction equipment, we are able to extract any insulation material from any type of property anywhere in the UK.


Cav Extract UK has specialist extractions teams dedicated just to cavity wall insulation removal. Our specialist teams will extract the insulation in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, leaving no mess and with the least disruption to the occupier. All waste material is bagged during the extraction and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible, as directed by the Government Environment Agency.


Reasons why cavity wall insulation must be removed...

  • Flood / Water - damaged insulation
  • Poorly installed cavity insulation
  • Incorrect insulation material
  • Fire damaged insulation
  • Timber frame building
  • Steel frame building

Problems than can occur if defective cavity wall insulation is not removed...

  • Condensation on interior walls
  • Internal Damp problems
  • Internal mould growth
  • Damage to pointing
  • Wall tie corrosion


If you are experiencing any of these problems, there might be a problem with your cavity wall insulation. We are happy to assess this for you at your convenience and if necessary, arrange for the extraction of the cavity wall insulation.